My Photovoltaic Equipment

Here you get information about the energy production

In 2003 i have installed a photovoltaic equipment on my roof with a power of 5,76 kWp. It is working properly since August 13th, 2003. Manufacturer of it is Solar & Fotovoltaik in Schweinfurt. The equipment consists of 48 pv-modules, producing direct current, which is transformed by two alternators and delivered in the public network of the local power supplier Überlandwerk Fulda. In winter the equipment produces with about eight hours sunlight approx. 20 - 24 kWh, in summer with 15 - 16 hours sunlight up to 35 kWh electrical energy. My best daily result until now has been 37 kWh. In 2005 the equipment produced totally 5600 kWh and therefore with a payment of  45,7 Cents per kWh a financial return of 2530 €. With this return the equipment will be fully paid after approx. ten years. Because the payment is guaranteed for 20 years, approx. 25000 € will remain as income.

Technical data of the photovoltaic equipment

installed power:

5,76 kWp

number of modules


module type

Kyocera KC 120 - 2

total module area

45 m²

roof inclination

approx. 35

roof orientation

200 (20 from south to south west)

number of alternators


alternator type

SunnyBoy 2500

Photos of the photovoltaic equipment

View of the modules on the roof

view of the modules

View of the alternators

View of the alternators