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Josef Schwab


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56 years


I live in Dietershausen, a village of about 1100 inhabitants, situated 10 km eastwards of Fulda, in the federal state Hessen in the middle of Germany. Dietershausen belongs to the main municipality Künzell and is a state approved holiday resort.
In 2010 Dietershausen could look back at 1200 years since its foundation. The anniversary was celebrated from the local clubs together for the citizens and visitors of Dietershausen from the 9th to the 19th of July. Parts of the celebration had been an official evening, a festival procession, a dinner like in the Middle Ages, an evening for the inhabitants and a day of reflection at the Marienhöhe. A calendar with pictures from Dietershausen including the dates for the planned activities had also been in production and a chronicle book was published to review the 1200 years. The performance of our theatre group in 2010 also dealt with the anniversary.

What i like to do:

Riding bicycle, playing piano, singing (preferred in a choir, occasionally in the shower too), taking photographs (here are some examples), acting in an amateur theatre group in Dietershausen (regrettably in 2012 and 2013 there was no performance, but in 2014 a performance could be done). Since i took a course for choir-master in 2004, i have a choir-master licence. Currently i conduct the menís choir of "Concordia" Eichenzell, where i also sing in the mixed voices choir. I also sing in the mixed voices choir "Rhönklang" Edelzell and of course in the mixed voices choir "Liederkranz" Dietershausen in my home village.

Something additional?

In 2003 i installed a photovoltaic equipment on my roof with a power of 5,76 kWp, which is working since August 13th, 2003, and produced 66190 kWh electrical energy until January 6th, 2016.

In Dietershausen there is a local section of the "movement of catholic employees", of which i am the chairman since 2000. We could clebrate the 50th anniversary in 2014.